Angioplasty, Heart Bypass, Thoracic surgery, Pediatric Cardiology and Heart Valve surgery are the treatments offered for heart disease.


You can avail of our high quality dental services from experienced dentists and dental surgeons.


Leukaemia, Breast, Lung, Ovarian and Pediatric Cancers as well as Liver, Stomach, Gastric, and Uterine Cancers are the cancer treatments available at our facility.

TRUST in the BEST medical tourism facilitator in India

Delivering effective and affordable treatment to all our patients

Cost Effective

Our medical treatments are extremely cost-effective. You can avail of the latest and highest quality treatments at a fraction of the price in your home country. We will provide you with treatments that are cheaper by 65-90% when compared to treatment in the US.

Surgery Scheduling

If you register with us, we offer you a free case analysis. Your surgical requirements will be assessed by our team of surgeons, and we will inform you about the best possible treatment for you. We will send you comparative quotes, and you can choose the one that suits your budget.

Excellent Solution For Your Medical Help

The idea of HOST medical services is to facilitate, clients from INDIA and abroad by providing all services related to medical issues.

Our Patient Services

Accompanying the patients for consultation pickup and drop

Professional Opinion

Arranging professional advice for you to decide according to your suitability.( monetary, convenience, etc)


Getting appointments of specialist of your choice or as suggested by us.

Arranging for Surgery

Providing logistic support before surgery/on the day of surgery/ post surgery

Why Host Services In Hyderabad INDIA

We offer Customized, Personalized, Organized services in Medical Tourism and also City tour.

Cost effective world class hospitals
Latest Technology
Highly Qualified Professionals
Ayurveda and Naturo Therapy
Can be combined with leisure trip
Well connected to national and international network

Why Choose Us

  • We are transparent in all matters relating to cost and treatment
  • We offer high quality treatments at the most reasonable costs.
  • We offer free case analysis and medical advice, once you register with us.
  • We have tie-ups with leading hospitals and doctors in India and abroad.
  • We honor our time commitments.
  • There is no communication gap, as we will put you in touch with translators.

A few words about us

Let us introduce ourselves

We are committed to providing exclusive, personalized medical treatment to our patients that suit their particular medical needs. We understand all their specific needs and demands. We will take care of your travel, accommodation, treatment, follow up care, sightseeing, mode of treatment and most importantly, your budget, and make arrangements perfectly suited for you.

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